Hotel Chocolatier Gift chocolates ‘The Chocolatiers Table’

Hotel Chocolatier Gift chocolates ‘The Chocolatiers Table’

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Chocaholics only – a medley of our best white, milk and dark chocolate creations.

The type of spread only a true chocoholic can serve, let yourself and others delight in our white, milk and dark chocolate creations. Perfect to serve as a sharing dessert, to steal the night as a fantastic party centrepiece, or simply to slowly graze on whenever you have a cocoa craving, The Chocolatier’s Table brings a chocolate-lover’s dreams to life.

For those who never feel their meal is complete without a dessert, we’ve recreated some of the best puddings, reimagining them in chocolate form. Whether you opt to get your caffeine fix in a wonderfully creamy Tiramisu, or prefer to settle for more fruity, mellow flavours in an Eton Mess, The Chocolatier’s Table lets you enjoy your favourite dessert in one heavenly bite.

Adult supervision is advised with this table: the odd tipple makes an appearance for those who like to enjoy their chocolate the merry way. Traditionalists will love our Champagne Truffle and Red Wine truffle, although if you like your beverages on the sweeter side, our Passion Fruit Margarita and Mojito truffles leave a delicate zingy tingle on the tongue.

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