Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + x12 Instant Wins

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + x12 Instant Wins

Tickets cost: £1.49

Max tickets: 740
Max tickets per customer: 40
Lottery finished
Competition ends: 2023-01-11 21:00
Tickets sold: 243 of 740

Prize Information

Main Prize:
– 1 x Apple Watch Series 8 GPS, 41mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band or 1 x Apple Watch Series 8 GPS, 41mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band

You’ll be able to choose from 2 different options of Case & Band from the options above.

Apple Watch Series 8, your handy health companion, is even more powerful. As well as all the great Apple Watch wellbeing features, Apple have added temperature sensing for deeper insights, and Crash Detection should you ever need help in an emergency*. Sleep stages let you understand your sleep even better, and you can stay fit in new ways with the enhanced Workout app. It automatically detects when you start a work-out, and can monitor blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, and more, to guide you towards the healthiest you.

Always-On Retina display …take it all in
It features a big, bright, Always‑On display. Narrow borders push the screen right to the edge, resulting in an elegant integration with the curvature of the case. It makes detailed watch faces look stunning and easy to read, even when your wrist is down. The larger display makes tapping, typing and swiping a snap.

Temperature sensing
It has an innovative sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep, so you can see changes over time. Cycle Tracking uses this data to provide a retrospective estimate of when you likely ovulated. When combined with your heart rate and logged cycle data, you’ll get a detailed view of your menstrual cycle.

Sleep insights
The Sleep app doesn’t just keep track of your time asleep. It shows you how much time you spent in REM, Core or Deep sleep, as well as when you might have woken up.

Crash detection
We hope you’ll never need this innovation. Apple Watch Series 8 is able to detect if you’re in a severe car crash. When a crash is detected, Crash Detection can automatically connect you with emergency services, provide dispatchers with your location and notify your emergency contacts.*

Blood oxygen
Apple Watch Series 8’s blood oxygen sensor incorporates LEDs and photodiodes in the back crystal. You can easily take readings of your blood oxygen, or let the watch capture background readings, day and night, to provide this key indicator of your overall wellness.

Squat, spin, stride, you name it…Apple Watch has a workout for it in the enhanced Workout app. And with Workout Views, you’ll be able to see more advanced metrics at a glance, like Heart Rate Zones and customised intervals to keep you going strong.

It’s incredibly durable. A thick front crystal, robust geometry, and a flat base make it resistant to cracking, and it’s IP6X dust resistant too.

Dive in
It’s swimproof with WR50 water resistance, down to a depth of 50 metres.

Tap and pay
Just hold the Watch to the checkout reader to make payments via your credit or debit card. No matter how you use it, Apple Pay keeps your financial information completely private and secure.

Great GPS
The handy, built-in GPS measures your workout accurately, so whether you’re going for a swim, run or a ride, you can leave your iPhone at home. Distance, speed and pace are all precisely recorded for you, ready for when you get back home to review your route on your iPhone. Additionally, your Apple Watch Series 8 comes with an always-on barometric altimeter, so your wrist-based coach can continuously track your elevation changes in real time.

Get world-class workouts with Apple Fitness+
Choose from a catalogue of workouts and meditations led by expert trainers and see in-session metrics from your Apple Watch, like heart rate and calories burned onscreen. There are over 30 new workouts and meditations added each week, so if it’s HIIT, Pilates, Strength, or Yoga – no matter your focus, there’s a programme fit for you (subscription required, click here for more details).

Apple Fitness+ requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or later. Available when paired with iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14.3 or later.

*Emergency SOS requires a cellular connection or Wi-Fi Calling with an internet connection from your Apple Watch or nearby iPhone.

PLUS 12x Instant wins:
– 3 x £10 Cash Prizes = £30
– 3 x £20 Cash Prizes = £60
– 3 x £30 Cash Prizes = £90
– 3 x £40 Cash Prizes = £120

Instant Prize Winning Ticket Numbers:
– Ticket Number 1 – 1 x £40 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 100 – 1 x £20 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 150 – 1 x £10 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 200 – 1 x £40 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 250 – 1 x £10 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 350 – 1 x £30 Cash Prize
Ticket Number 400 – 1 x £30 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 500 – 1 x £20 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 550 – 1 x £20 Cash Prize
Ticket Number 600 – 1 x £40 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 650 – 1 x £30 Cash Prize
– Ticket Number 700 – 1 x £10 Cash Prize

You will automatically be allocated a ticket number. If you receive one of the 12 instant win ticket numbers above, message our social account on Facebook or Instagram to claim your prize instantly.

Prize Draw will be live on Facebook at 19:00 pm on Thursday 12th January 2023.

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